Created in 1806, the property has remained in the hands of the Chauvet family. The Domaine has been awarded the highest accolade "Laureat du Prix d'Excellence 2012 "chosen from all the wines in the Rhone Valley.
This award is for the Domaine that has won the largest number of Gold Medals at the "Concours Général Agricole" for the last three years.
The history of the estate dates back to 1855 when the great grandparents of current owner Frederic Charvin bought a small 5 hectare parcel of land. Today the winery is still a small family operation with that takes great pride in making the best wines possible while respecting traditional methods.
Mathilde is the daughter of the Rhone icon Michel Chapoutier. Eager to display her own wine making talents, this project showcases various Mediterranean regions which she has discovered on her travels. The goal of the wines is to be uncomplicated but with typical regional character.
Founded in 1958, the Adega Cooperativa Regional de Monção has come a long way since its early years. Originally created by an initiative of twenty five winegrowers has grown to 1600 active associates in 2015, and is nowadays one of the biggest and most successful Cooperatives country wide and in the Vinho Verde DOC.
Anselmo Mendes began producing wine with Alvarinho grapes in 1998, in Monção and Melgaço. The winery in the Minho Valley is a place for experimentation and research, where Anselmo Mendes passion for the wine and the region takes shape and flavor.