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Suferial 2021 I 95 pts Wine Advocate I Bierzo I Spain

 Cesar Marquez

 Bierzo - Spain

There was no 2016 produced, so we jumped to the 2017 Sufreiral. It fermented with full clusters in 225-liter open-top barrels, and the juice matured in a 400-liter barrel from 2011. This plot seems to transcend vintage conditions and is marked by the altitude and the limestone soils, a rarity in the Bierzo region. The soil provides a special tension, a chalky-like texture of the tannins and a supple, almost salty sensation. It's the most Burgundian of all wines here, really different from all reds from Bierzo, elegant and delicate. In 2017 it was harvested quite early and they did soft foot treading, trying to control extraction. It's a shame that the plot is very small and there were only 520 bottles produced. There should be a little more wine from 2018, as Pérez added another two small plots from other growers from the zone.




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